2014 Easter Festivities

>> Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We celebrated Easter on Saturday with my family!
Cody and Tricia invited us over to eat with them and have a little egg hunt for the kiddos.
It was a really nice day, and we always enjoy spending time with family.

Before going to their house, we let Georgia go through her Easter basket at home!
(but before that, Mommy had to get a few pictures of her in her pretty Easter outfit ;)

I bought this dress at a consignment sale about 8 months ago and saved it for Easter.

I absolutely love these flowers.  At our last house, we had a huge bush of them at the
end of our driveway, and I was really sad to leave that bush behind.
I used these flowers in Georgia's Easter basket last year, and I really wanted to use
them again.  Ben said his Dad had a couple of the bushes, so he would get some flowers
for me.  Well, Jeff (his Dad) gave us an entire bush!  Needless to say, I'm very happy :) 

Georgia's happy, too :)
She loooves flowers. 

See?  She's kissing the flowers.  She loves them. 

Giving one to Mommy! ♥ 

 And here's her basket!
A new swimsuit (and some flip flops to go with it), and a new tea cup (with some
delicious Reese's eggs).  The tea cup belonged to my Grandma, so it's extra special.

Ben sat her down next to the basket and she immediately saw the Reese's. 


Trying to put them on :) 

Sweet girl.
So different from last year!

She asked Daddy to open one for her. 



Soon after that, we left to head over to Cody and Tricia's house!

Momma and her boys :) 

Sweet Ryan.  He is so stinkin' cute. 

Sweet kisses from big brother. 

Aren't they so cute!?

D'awh :)

Smiley boy with Uncle Ben!

Our little (growing) family!
It's kind of crazy how many pictures it takes to get a good one.
But it's worth it :)

 A rare picture of just me and Ben (even though it's not just me and Ben ;)

David and Georgia love to play with Uncle John!

Oh, Nana's bringing out new toys!
Well, new to us, anyways.  It's amazing what you can find in a trash pile. 

We tried to "hide" the eggs in somewhat obvious places, since this was their first egg hunt.

Doesn't he look so comfy? 

Georgia's first egg! 

 Georgia really got the hang of it and seemed to enjoy gathering all the eggs!

She got to the point where her eggs were not fitting in the basket and kept
falling out.  We had to transfer some eggs to another basket.

Checking out her loot. 

 Not sure if she's kissing the egg or pretending to eat it.

Lots of eggs for David! 

She carried her basket around like this and it was the cutest thing.
Still not quite sure where she got that idea from.

And that's all the pictures.
We then had fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, and potato rolls for dinner - yum!!
Sure, not your typical Easter, but that's just fine.  It was a really great Easter!

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