Phoenix Dahlia is 8 months old...

>> Saturday, July 4, 2015

Well, she's closer to 9 months now, but here are her 8 month pictures.


Week Twenty-Four {2015}

>> Friday, July 3, 2015

I wasn't feeling well the day after shooting Brad and Sara's wedding, so we
stayed home from church and just relaxed after a stressful week.  Ben and Georgia
got in Nana and Papa's pool, but they didn't stay in long because it was rather chilly :)


Papa helped Georgia put a new bandaid on her scraped knee.


One of the great things about living with my parents for a while is that
we're closer to Cody, Tricia, David and Ryan!  Georgia loves to play with
David and Ryan, and on this day I took her over for a little visit :)


Ben had his fourth fight on the 13th!  And... he won!!!  We are all so proud of him.
L to R: Ben and I before the fights started, Ben and I after he won, Ben and Sensei after he won


Week Twenty-Three {2015}

>> Thursday, July 2, 2015

As I'm sure you can imagine, life has been all upside down for us this past month.

We're currently still living with my parents, but we're making some headway on being
able to move back into our house.  Really hoping to be home soon - we miss our house!

I still wanted to back up and post photos from the last few weeks, so here are some
pictures from the first full week we were staying with my (gracious) parents.


Just a couple days after moving in, we got a some sweet stress-relief by going to
Eliana's and Leila's 1st birthday party!
These sweet cousins are less than a week apart and just so precious.  They were
so fun to watch as they explored their smash cakes.  Eliana was careful and tried
not to get dirty, and Leila finally ended up flinging it everywhere in excitement!



Leila, helping Eliana get messy!! :D

Ben and Georgia enjoyed the pool with everyone.


Phoenix got a sink bath in Nana's kitchen :) she loved the water falling.


Ryan is such a character!  He rested his chin on his hand when he saw
I was going to take a picture.
Eating some of his beloved avocado.

You could tell Phoenix was so excited to get the hang of crawling :)

These two - they are like a tornado of energy when they're together.
They sure love each other.


Phoenix loves the camera!
I like to rent lenses sometimes when I shoot weddings, and this one let me shoot things
at a closer proximity than I'd ever been able to before.  I was having fun with it with
Phoenix - and so was she!  Her face just lit up every time I put the camera near her.


Ben and I had the immense pleasure of shooting Brad and Sara's wedding!  Bradford
is one of Tricia's brothers (for those that don't know, Tricia is my brother's wife).
Brad actually took some pictures for us at our wedding!  So it was fun to return the
favor and we had a great time.

One of my favorites from the day.

And my favorite person :)
He is always amazing me.  I love to work with him.


Week Twenty-Two {2015}

>> Thursday, June 4, 2015

Well.  What a week.

It was a fairly normal week up until Friday.
Friday is when Ben ripped up the carpet in our room because of a puddle
of water we found, and in doing so, found a whole lot of mold underneath.

Since he exposed it, we really couldn't stay there any longer.  So we packed
up our toddler, baby, dog, and 4 cats, and headed over to my parents house.

We stayed here with them once before, when we were between renting a
house and buying the one we're living in (legal issues on the seller's side caused
a delay in allowing us to move in at the time we were originally told we could).

We're currently waiting on insurance info before we can move forward in
getting things fixed enough for us to be able to move back in.  Until the mold
is gone, there's no way we can live there.  When Ben ripped back the carpet,
we both got headaches and scratchy throats right away.  It's just not safe to
be there for any length of time - especially with the girls.

If I remember correctly, the a/c handler was clogged.  We didn't catch it
until the leak had gotten quite large and affected the floor in our kitchen,
laundry room, master bedroom, and our closet.

SO.  That's what's up with us right now!
We covet your prayers as we try to get everything taken care of quickly!


Here are just a few pictures (and a video) from before the mold fiasco.

Brandon and Amanda had some friends over for dinner and a bonfire last Sunday, and
the kids had a blast running around playing with each other.  Georgia was cracking me up.

Little Miss Sassy Breeches.
I decided to take some pictures of her on Thursday because she was being
exceptionally cute... but I mean, when is she not cute? ;)


Miss Phoenix has become super mobile.  I was trying to get a
video of her waving at me, but instead she decided to show how
she's been trying to clap, and then she crawled a little!

Since this video she has become a pro crawler and is moving
all about the house.  I'll be in the kitchen and she will suddenly be
sitting at my feet!  It's the weirdest thing.  And pretty adorable.

Anyways.  Her Royal Cuteness:


Mini-date with Georgia

>> Friday, May 29, 2015

Like I mentioned in my weekly post, I had a little date with Georgia on Saturday!
We needed to get a birthday gift for Beri, and I had just laid Phoenix down for a nap,
so Georgia and I left Ben and Phoenix home while we went to Target (and Starbucks)
to have some fun shopping :)

I really enjoy going shopping with Georgia.  She's a lot of fun, and I think she enjoys
shopping as well.  I also love to take opportunities like this for some special one-on-one
time with her!

I wanted her to bring her jacket because I knew she'd get cold in Target once
she started drinking her Starbucks.  She insisted on wearing it out of the house.
I convinced her to take it off for the car ride though.  Which is good, because
it was really hot out!

Even with her jacket, she was shivering :P
I should've put her in pants, too.

Our car read 102 degrees when we got out there.
It went down to 94 after we got driving.

We also needed to pick up batteries, but I forgot while we were
still at Target, so we stopped at Walmart on our way home.

I let her lead the way through the store.  She really enjoyed that.

"This way!  This way!!  This way.  This way!"


I often think about our date for her 2nd birthday, and how much
we both enjoyed it.  I really want to take the time to continue to do
things like that.  With her and with Phoenix.  That was definitely
one of my absolute favorite days last year.


Week Twenty-One {2015}

>> Thursday, May 28, 2015

Between the heat and all the summer-like events going
on, it is definitely starting to feel like summer here.

We're enjoying hot days outside, and lots of a/c inside.

We had a really great Sunday spending the day with family
and friends down in Largo.  The weather was beautiful
and we were so relaxed.  It was a lot of fun, and I have a
lot of pictures.  I might do a slideshow of them soon.
Georgia with her favorite Provi!

Feeling for the bottom.

What a stud :D

We took a boat out to a little island and found lots
of neat little shells and creatures.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


After that, we had a few chill days at home.  That Sunday
was Georgia's 4th day in a row with no nap.  And it was
definitely showing by the evening when we were leaving O.o
As much as we love adventures, we also love snuggling on the couch ♥

Such a ham!

She's been putting her hands on her head like this
lately, and it is SO CUTE.

She now has her 3rd tooth, and her 4th is close to cutting through!

They were just begging to have their picture taken :D

Phoenix loves to eat food.  She was chowing down on
green beans the other night.

She was cracking me up!!  She kept bending over like this trying
to look at her diaper!


The Browers decided to do Beri's birthday dinner on Saturday, and
we didn't have a gift yet.  So while Phoenix was napping, I left Ben
home with her and took Georgia on a little Target date!
I wanted her to bring her jacket because I knew she'd be cold once she
started drinking her Starbucks... but she wanted to wear it out of the house.
I convinced her to take it off for the car ride :)  It was a hot day!!

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