Locked Out

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I have quite a story for you today.

I let Gus outside to go pee, just like usual.  After a minute, I went out to call him in.
I was standing at the door, and he was taking a while to come over to me.  I was holding
the door shut, so that Georgia wouldn't open it and come outside.  Next thing I know...


My heart sank.

Georgia had locked me out.

This wouldn't have been a problem if I had had my keys, or at least my phone on me.
But no, I had nothing.  No keys, phone, shoes, wallet, nothing.

I did have Gus.  But he wasn't much help.

I spent some time patting on the door, talking to her, trying to coax her towards unlocking
the door.  She just kept pulling on the handle.

Then I saw our neighbors drive by, whom I had never spoken to, but they looked friendly.
They looked like they'd let me borrow their phone.  They looked like they'd understand.

Well, they were friendly, and they totally understood and let me borrow their phone.

After a couple phone calls and some quick deciding, Ben was on his way home to
unlock the door.

I went back to the house (after thanking our neighbors about a million times) and walked
around back to see if I could see Georgia through the window.  She came right up and
we talked and played through the window until Ben got there.

When we got inside, it turns out that she even got my keys out of my purse to try and
open the door herself.  Sweet girl.

I'm so, so thankful for our gracious neighbors, for letting me borrow their phone - for
my Mom and Dad, for helping me decide what to do and being willing to come
if I needed - for Andrew, for letting Ben borrow his truck to come home quickly - and
for Ben, for being quick to come home and save his girls.

Anyways, from now on, I will not close that door without a key on me.  I didn't realize
she could even reach the deadbolt yet.  I can see where she could lock it, but it would
be more difficult and confusing for her to try and unlock it.


So that's our crazy day.  Hope yours was/is a bit less hectic.


12 weeks - Round 2

>> Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I was 12 weeks on Sunday!
Because we were out all day, I didn't get my picture until yesterday.
Baby is about the size of a large plum and weighs a whole half ounce! :)

We might be able to find out the sex of the baby in 2 weeks, but we'll
probably wait to announce until we're further along and can do so
more confidently.

Biggest milestone for me in the last 2 weeks has been feeling the baby move!
I know most of you won't believe me, but there was no mistaking it.
Being able to feel that was so wonderful.  It's a major comfort, since I can't
just look in and see that baby's fine, kicking away.

Also, my nausea seems to be gone.  I still get food aversions and some smells
will make me queasy, but I haven't had bad nausea (except a little last weekend)
since about 8 weeks.  Now I've just got the headaches and they're kicking
my butt.  Meh.

I added a poll to the side of the blog for you to vote on whether you think baby
is a boy or a girl!  It's been neat to see what everyone thinks.  I believe girl
is winning at the moment.  I'll also do a guessing post to see when everyone
thinks baby will arrive and how big baby will be - it was so fun last time!


David's 2nd Birthday

>> Monday, April 7, 2014

Georgia and I got to go on a train ride for David's 2nd birthday last month!
It was a really nice day, and Georgia and I both enjoyed our time with everyone.
Ben had a previous commitment, so he wasn't able to go.  But hopefully
next time we ride the train he'll be able to come as well!


I took a ton of pictures, but here are a few (relative term) favorites...

David's Grandpa and Yoda (what the kids call Tricia's Mom) brought a bucket
of yummy homemade popcorn!  Georgia was a huge fan.  Momma's girl, for sure.

Sweet Ryan with his Great-Granan. 

David and his cousin, Virginia!
Sweet noggins. 

 With my sweet girl.

You can tell Virginia is a big sister :) and a very good one! 

 Birthday boy! :)

All the kids went to jail ;)
This is the jail cell where Russell Crowe was kept in the movie 3:10 to Yuma.

These two love their Papa. 

The delicious cupcakes Tricia made! 

We realized it looked like ketchup and mustard on their faces :P 


This was a few days before Cody and Tricia's 3rd anniversary, so Cody
arranged for he and Tricia to take a seaplane ride!  Tricia loves flying.

This girl is so imaginative and adventurous. 

And she loves her Yoda :) 

Are they adorable or what!?

Family picture! 

Georgia would've climbed right out the train window if Papa wasn't holding her in. 

Precious Ryan.  He is SO smiley! 

My Lovey ♥


The Art of Waking Up

>> Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ah, waking up.
When it comes to cuteness, Georgia's got it down.

Is she not the cutest ever?
We sure think so.


Bryer's Blanket

>> Friday, April 4, 2014

I made this small, easy, simple blanket for my cousin's baby boy
recently, and thought I'd go ahead and share the pattern with you all!

I used about 350 yards of Bernat Handicrafter DeLux yarn
(colors Navy, Avocado* & Seaspray)
Size 9 (5.5mm) circular needles
Darning needle (for weaving in ends)
*I believe they have discontinued Avocado

When I say this pattern is easy, I mean it's really easy.
I mean, it's gotta be, I made it up! :P

Finished size is about 21x20"
(perfect for in the car or stroller)

You can make this blanket in any size you want, just be
sure to cast on an uneven number of stitches!

Cast on 91 stitches
Rows 1-6: work in seed stitch across entire row
Row 7: work first 5 stitches in seed stitch, knit until 5 sts remain, seed stitch last 5 sts
Row 8: work first 5 stitches in seed stitch, purl until 5 sts remain, seed stitch last 5 sts
Rows 9-106: Repeat rows 7 and 8, changing colors as often as you please.
(I chose to do all even numbered sets of rows for each stripe, and did so randomly)
Rows 107-112: work in seed stitch across entire row
Bind off, weave in ends, and you're done!


I also decided to make him a little bunny, to go with his blanket!

You can get the pattern for that HERE.



10 weeks - Round 2

>> Sunday, March 23, 2014

10 weeks now!  Baby is about the size of a prune.

I've actually been feeling pretty great.  Only time I get sick is if I smell something
that doesn't agree with my stomach.  Like tonight, Ben is SO graciously making me
a dinner that I've been craving, and the little bit of garlic made me want to puke.
I had to ask him to take it out of the pot.  Garlic was something I was sensitive to
in my last pregnancy as well.  Just couldn't take too much of it.

Can't wait for my next appointment on Tuesday!


Learning Lessons

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Georgia has been dealing with a rash for a couple weeks, and this morning it
had gotten pretty bad.  I've been really focusing on her all day, trying to get her
all healed up.  She was naked almost the entire day, so I had to keep her in my
sight at all times to make sure I wasn't missing a mess that needed to be cleaned ;)

She's been in a great mood all day, which makes me wonder how good she'd
be if I focused this much attention on her all the time.  It wasn't like I had that much
more I needed to do.  She is worth far more than what I sometimes choose to do
with my time.  And don't get me wrong, I definitely don't neglect her.  But I think
I could be spending more time really focusing on her than I have been.  And I don't
want to regret not taking advantage of this one-on-one time I am able to have so
much of now.  I know things will be very different when the baby comes along.
Not bad, just different.  Today has been a good reminder to me to enjoy and live
in every season of life.  Sure, not all moments are enjoyable, but there are more
enjoyable moments when I am truly living in the season God has me in and not just
getting through it to make it to the next season.

So I guess that was my life lesson learned for today :)
Thankful for learning opportunities.  I just hope that next
time it doesn't involve my baby girl getting a rash :/

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