Week Eighteen {2015}

>> Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our family loves to attend the Spring Frolic every year.
I think we've experienced weather of almost all sorts on these weekends.
This year was scorching heat.  Yay.

Anyways - I'll post more pictures, but I just loved these two of Georgia and David

Our little sweethearts.

And my silly goose.  Hahahaha.

Oh, and here's Nathan at our house later that day...
He is a baby whisperer.  All babies and kids love him.
Ladies, take note, he is going to make a great father someday :D


Georgia insisted she wanted ALL of her bows in her hair.

She adores Samwise ♥


Today, Ben and I did a mud run with friends of ours!
It was super fun and I really enjoyed myself.  I don't do
much of anything physical, so I'm pretty tired out now.
But it was so worth it!  I hope to do another one and
prepare myself for it a little more.

Getting covered in mud was a ton of fun :D

With our friends, Calli and Ben!


Phoenix's First Beach Day!

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It was nice day to go to the beach.  A tad on the windy side (but when
is it not windy at the beach?) and when the sun wasn't behind the clouds,
it was pretty bright.  Phoenix seems to be extra sensitive to light, so I
felt really bad because I totally forgot her sunglasses :(
We kept her in the shade almost the whole time.  She actually took a
little nap on my chest under the umbrella for a while :)

Like most babies, she loves tags :)

Georgia really loves her beach chair!

There's a squinty smile :D

Phoenix was not interested in sitting up.  She was too
curious about the sand.
I just wanted to be sure and get a picture of them in their
matching swimsuits!!

Sandy toes!!!

She is Daddy's girl.

Ben and his girls!

I even got some pictures with her :)

She's the sweetest.


I posted both of these on instagram...

Our cozy nap time ♥

Our first family beach selfie with Phoenix! :D


Georgia's First Haircut and Library Visit

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Like I mentioned in my week seventeen post, Georgia got her first haircut last week!

I wanted to be sure I got a "before" picture (even though
I'm sure I have plenty of photos that show her hair).

I got some of my hair too, since I was getting my hair cut as well.

I got mine cut before Georgia, so that she could watch me do it and
hopefully be more comfortable with getting her own hair cut.
At one point, there was a girl next to me getting purple in her hair,
so she thought that I was getting purple in my hair!  It was so funny.
And there was no convincing her that I wasn't.

Then when it came time for her turn, she said "Georgia purple hair!"
and she really thought she was getting purple in her hair.  Even
after her cut was done she was telling people that she had purple hair.

She sat fairly still.  The main issue was getting her to keep
her head in the position we needed it in.  But she didn't do too bad.
Especially for a curious 2.5 year old.

It's blurry, but I love her face :)))
I think the blow dryer kind of tickles her.

 Miss Phoenix fell asleep while Georgia was getting her hair cut!

Nana decided to go ahead and get her hair cut while we were
there, and the hair dresser had time, so it worked out!

My little cutie!!!
She's becoming such a big girl.


After our haircuts, Nana had some books to return at the library, and
Georgia had never been to the library before, so we thought, why not!
I mean, come on.  She's just so cute.

She loved the toys and the books.  We'll definitely be going back.

Phoenix loved it too.

She loves to stand...

...and she loves to grab everything.

Nana sure loves her grandbabies.


Disney {4.11.15}

We finally made it over to Animal Kingdom!  It's our favorite park and
we were so excited to take Georgia.  We knew she'd love all of the animals
and shows... and she did!

Only bad part about the whole day was the heat - which is to be expected
at this point in the year.

I love her smile.

Nana was with us for the day!
Georgia absolutely loves when we get to spend
time with any of our relatives.

Georgia really loved the safari ride.  And Phoenix
slept in the ergo the whole time!

Looking at the okapi.

Lots of fish in the water...

and then the hippo!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

She was zoned out and talking.  She cracks us up.

She loved petting the goats and sheep!

Wearing her hand-me-down Minnie shirt that used to be Georgia's!
(you can see Georgia wearing it towards the end of this post)

G took a nice nap, which doesn't always happen at Disney.
But I'm sure she was confused since we were back at the car when
she woke up!


It's hard to know for sure what Georgia's favorite thing was, but
she probably asked to go see Nemo again the most... so I'd guess
that was her favorite.  She also asked to see the hippos again a
few times.  We didn't see everything though, so we're excited to
go again and cover some more ground :)

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