Week Forty-One {2015}

>> Thursday, October 22, 2015

(the week of October 4th-10th)

It was a really nice temperature outside, so we went out to play for a bit.
Then it started raining - with no lightning!!

So naturally we changed into swimsuits to play in the safe rain :D

Moments later, Phoenix toppled over in a beach chair and busted her
nose on the pavement. It was quite sad.  But thankfully, she only
skinned her lip just under her nose and got a bruise on her forehead.
Nothing broken! :)

They love to play together on Georgia's bed.

She is so goofy!!

Such a sad little nose, but such a happy little girl!

October 10th was Gus's 2nd birthday!
Can't believe we've had him almost 2 years already.


Week Forty {2015}

>> Saturday, October 17, 2015

(the week of September 27th-October 3rd)

Phoenix's friend Johnny turned 1 recently, and we celebrated his birthday
at the park after church!  He and Phoenix were due 13 days apart, and born
15 days apart!  He was 5 days early and Phoenix was 3 days early :)

Georgia was very excited about the playground.

Phoenix was very excited about the food.

She had a mouthful of turkey ;)

Haha.  She's such a goof sometimes.

Happy birthday, Johnny!


This was the week Ben went to MEPS to get sworn in to the Army!

The Captain leading the ceremony was very funny :)

So proud of him!

Poor Phoenix.  When Ben cut all his hair off, she was pretty shocked.  But then
when he lost the beard too, she seemed concerned!  She got used to it pretty quickly.


Ben and I went away for a weekend to celebrate our anniversary and Ben's birthday
early.  We had this planned quite a ways back, and it happened to work out well since
Ben will be leaving before our anniversary!

Anyways, the morning we left, we took the girls to stay with my mom, and on our
way out I realized the girls and I were all wearing purple :)  So naturally we needed a
picture together!  Plus, Phe's outfit was about as cute as it gets.

I melt when she does this.  It's so adorable!!!

As much as we love taking the girls to Disney, we really enjoy going by ourselves and
riding some of the rides they can't ride.  It was great to get away for a few days and spend
some time, just the two of us.  I love this guy so much.
On Toy Story Mania :)
I was winning in the beginning, but he ended up winning.

We had a lunch/dinner at Le Cellier and it was delicious!
Obligatory Canada selfie :D


Week Thirty-Nine {2015}

(the week of September 20th-26th)

I recently test-knitted this adorable sweater!  I made it for Phoenix, and she
actually seemed to like it!  Mind you, I only kept her in it less than 5 minutes
because it was 85 degrees out and the sweater is 100% wool :/  But I needed
to get some quick pictures!

After finishing with that, I realized that I had no other commitments
for knitting and I thought it would be the perfect time to cast on for
a sweater I've been wanting to make for a while.

I won this yarn in a giveaway at the end of a knit along I participated
in at the beginning of the year.  I can't tell you how much I love it.
It's just amazing and wonderful and I wish I could use this yarn for
every one of my projects!  It is Julie Asselin's Sevilla in Tahiti.

Swatching before I start the sweater.

Love me some Runt snuggles.  Especially with knitting, just perfect.


Happy Birthday, Sweet Phe!

>> Friday, October 16, 2015

Our sweet girl is 1 year old today!  It seems impossible.  And it really feels
like she was just born last week.  It's been a full year, that's for sure!
I will have to post a trip down memory lane soon, but for now, we're off to
Disney for the day to celebrate an amazing year with this girl.


Week Thirty-Eight {2015}

>> Thursday, October 15, 2015

(the week of September 13th-19th)

I already posted about celebrating Georgia's birthday at Disney,
and then her actual birthday, and then Phoenix being 11 months
old... so here are a few Instagram photos from that week.

She is certainly a flower-picking girl.  They just seem to call her name.

Phoenix always gets so excited when Ben comes home!
"Hi!  Hi!  Hi!  Hi!"

We decided to try a local dog beach that weekend!  We thought Gus would love it, but
he didn't really seem to enjoy himself very much.  Probably mainly because we wouldn't
let him catch the birds.  And he wasn't sure about the waves.  And it was windy, so once
you were wet, you were cold in the wind.  He was shivering, poor pup.  We didn't stay
super long, but the girls really enjoyed themselves!

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