Phoenix Maternity Photos ~ Part Two

>> Sunday, October 12, 2014

{see part one here}

Here's the second segment of our maternity shoot with Jean!

Georgia and I met Jean for lunch at Aunt Catfish's for cheese grits and cornbread (YUMMM).
Then we headed over to the beach for some fun pictures of Georgia and I in our matching swimsuits.

I had been looking forward to doing this since before I was pregnant.  I saw a photo on pinterest that
inspired me and I just couldn't wait to do this with Georgia one day.

I'm pretty sure these images should live on pinterest.  They're amazing.  Jean Marie did such an
incredible job!

Ok... enjoy!

Gotta get the piggie tails in... it was pretty windy!

Comparing bellies!

I love when she sits with her legs out straight like that.

Kisses for "Fi Fi" ♥

And for Mommy, of course ;)

Nosies!  This is her newest thing.  It's absolutely precious.

"A'mon Momma."

Auntie Jean brough toys for G to play with because she's awesome like that.

That. face.

Seriously can't wait to meet her.

Hugs :)

And more kisses :)

She's so silly.  I love her beyond words.


The hat was a little overwhelming with all the wind!

But she loved it.  She loves hats.

I really adore this one.

This is our happy place.

I love these snuggles.


Yeah, the water wasn't too bad, it was the wind on my wet swimsuit afterwards that was cold!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

An attempt at a selfie with our wonderful friend, honorary auntie and photographer.  Love you dear!


Again, see her facebook page here and website here!!!!

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