Week Forty-Eight {2015}

>> Saturday, November 28, 2015

(the week of November 22nd-28th)

Fell asleep in Nana's arms at church :)

She loves little Charity.

So, I really wanted popcorn, but I didn't want to wake the girls with the popcorn popper.
So I took it into the laundry room so I could shut the door.  Sam was really unsure about it all.

I walk out of the laundry room and Georgia is standing in her doorway with the cutest face.
"You make popcorn?"

Yes... yes I did.

2 minutes later.

They were quite pleased.  And I don't mind sharing :)

Ben's family built a fence for us in our backyard to make caring
for Gus much easier.  Georgia loves to play with the girls.

Ollie boy.  Always trying to snuggle when I'm knitting.

Weirdo Runt Runt.

Sam is the best cat for kids.  He loves them and is super patient with them.

I love when the weather is nice and I can knit outside.

Watching Grandma's famous potato rolls baking the morning of Thanksgiving.

I held Ben's 3rd cousin for a while, and Phoenix was not sure about that.

She would lay on me, and Avery, and then just look at us.  It was so funny.

Sweet girl.

Her face!!  Cracks me up!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with the Browers, and we spent the next
day celebrating with my family.

The girls were totally worn out from a full day of fun :)


So silly.

More potato rolls for Case Thanksgiving :D

We always go to the gaslight parade to watch all the antique cars.

Playing with Aunt Bethy :)


Week Forty-Seven {2015}

>> Saturday, November 21, 2015

(the week of November 15th-21st)

Our last morning with Daddy!

Chilling outside the recruiter's office before Ben had to go.

After we left Ben, we went to the park with my family.

Our thumb suckers and our paci babies.

Next day, swearing in again and then actually leaving for basic!

Heading out to the bus...

Last goodbyes!

Phoenix really had no clue what was happening.

Tired girls...

...sleeping for the ride home.

Gus Gus

They were so funny.  She really thought she'd gotten it hooked, and so did he!

My sweet boy.

Army jacket from her Great Aunt!

To help with the blues of missing Ben that first week, we went to
Disney with Nana!  At this time, Phoenix was still not big on holding hands.

My little princesses, ready to go!

It rained for the first 5 minutes we were there and not a moment after.
Phoenix did NOT like our rain arrangement we rigged up for her.

She got over it though.

We were there on Mickey's birthday!

The girls love the Disney Jr. show.

Showing me her gold dubloon :)

They both really loved the Osborne lights.  I'm so glad we were able to go
a few times since it was the last year!

Georgia loved the glasses!  They make the lights look like snowflakes!

It was so fun to watch all of her reactions.  She really enjoyed it :)

Bye bye, Disney!

Sweet snuggles.

Ben left just a few days before our 4th anniversary, so we had
a girls night to do something fun and not let me mope at home :P

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