Week Thirty-Two {2015}

>> Saturday, August 22, 2015

So behind again!  Sorry, as much as I love blogging, it's definitely not a priority right now.

The girls love to play with their animal and letter magnets.

Phoenix takes them off, and Georgia puts them back.

Such a silly girl!

They crack me up.
Phoenix is really loving bath time lately.  And I think Georgia really enjoys
having Phoenix to play with.


We went to Alexander Springs a few days after the anniversary of our engagement (which is
where we got engaged 4 years ago).  I'll probably post more photos, but here are a few...

Love these two beautiful people.

She was so sleepy.  I love that she will still sleep on me like this.
I'm sure she won't for too much longer.

This is what happens when you give a 10-month-old a watermelon slice while
she's sitting in the dirt.  She was quite happy :D

Looking at all the fishies...

Standing in the exact place where Ben proposed to me! ♥
What a difference 4 years makes.

Later that evening we decided to go to our favorite Thai place.
Phoenix was rocking her keds.  I just had to get a picture ;)


Week Thirty-One {2015}

>> Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gus does not like to be sat on.  He'll sit on you all day, though.


More purple hair.... :D

This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while, and I finally
decided to just do it!  And I am really loving it.

Many thanks to my friend Jess for doing my hair for me!!
We had a great time hanging out, too :D

Credit goes to Ben for taking these for me :)



>> Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our almost-3 year old has purple hair.

That's right.

And she's extremely thrilled with her purple hair.


Georgia has been asking for purple hair since we got our hair
cut back in April, and the girl next to me was getting purple hair.

My initial thought was "Well that would be cute, but I don't
know." ...but the more I thought about it, I couldn't think
of a single reason to not let her have purple hair.

I asked Ben what he thought, but I already knew he'd be totally
cool with it.  My plan was to let her have purple hair for her
birthday in a couple months, but then I decided not to wait :)

I wish I had recorded her face when she saw her hair in
the mirror for the first time.  It was very similar to the face
she had when she saw her princess nightgown for the first
time.  Pure excitement and joy.  You could almost see light
shining from her face.

So excited!

We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could go outside
to take some pictures :)

I braided the left side to see how it looked.  I love how the color
is mixed in the braid :)

The purple shines so beautifully!


So, we have a very happy toddler with purple hair.
Which makes for a very happy Mommy and Daddy, as well ♥


Week Thirty {2015}

>> Sunday, July 26, 2015

This kid cracks me up sometimes.

So does this one :)


Ben has been doing a lot of painting lately!
I was finally there to help him this time.


The dress Phoenix is wearing was a gift for Georgia before she was born, and Nana
just found the matching toddler dress for Georgia at a thrift store the other day!


Phoenix is starting to get the hang of this walking thing! A couple minutes before this she
took 6 or 7 really stable steps (which is why I grabbed the camera, in case she'd do it again).

She usually gets so excited about walking that she loses her balance!


Week Twenty-Nine {2015}

>> Saturday, July 25, 2015

This week was a little crazy, since it was our first week back home, and our house was very
much in disarray.  But we were all just so glad to be back in our own home.

Georgia had her baby again :)

And Phoenix was exploring everything :)


Phoenix loves books!  It is so adorable watching her little fingers turn the pages.

I love her foot holding the book.

Guess she lost a sock somewhere along the way... :P


I love quiet moments with her.


Georgia loves to help Phoenix walk or dance.
And Phoenix loves to walk and dance!


I've finally started working on Phoenix's birthday quilt!
I'm really looking forward to working with these fabrics - they're so adorable!
It's called Happy Go Lucky from Moda.

Oh, and that's our new kitchen floor!!  Also in the laundry room.
We are loving it :D



>> Monday, July 20, 2015

Georgia was too cute in her new romper and the neighbor's hydrangeas
were looking quite lovely.  They grow along my parents' property line, so
we went outside to take a few quick pictures :)
(back when we were living with them)


Phoenix Dahlia is 9 months old...

>> Thursday, July 16, 2015

So hard to believe yet another month has gone by.
Phoenix is 9 months old today.
And you know what else that means?
Georgia will be 3 years old in just 2 months.

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