A New House (yes, another one)

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We're moving again!

Don't worry, we're not going far.

I just realized I didn't do much of an update on moving anyways.  So here's the scoop...

As I mentioned before, we have been stationed at Ft. Bragg!  Ben completed OSUT and Airborne school, and immediately headed to Bragg.  Unfortunately, getting the girls and I moved up with him turned out to be more difficult than we expected.  We couldn't schedule the movers to get our things until Ben was able to attend a briefing (that happens only once a week).  He missed this briefing 4 times (due to various things he wasn't able to get out of) and was finally able to go last week.

When he missed the briefing the second time, we realized that it could be a while before we got our family back together with our belongings.  So! we made the decision (rather quickly) to load up my mom's van with as much stuff as we could and just go on up to be with Ben.  And I'm so glad we did.  Tricia so graciously rode up with me and the girls (and the cats) so that she could drive the van back (and help me - which I definitely needed on that trip).

Thankfully getting a house wasn't a problem.  We're basically camping in our home with a very small amount of our things.  Funny thing is, now that I'm pregnant, we actually qualify for a bigger house!  I was just able to get official proof of pregnancy from my midwife yesterday, and we are now all set to move at the end of June.  Since it's moving season in the army, the movers can get kind of backed up, so we decided that by the time the movers could get our things, we should really wait and have them move it all to our new house (rather than move everything twice in one month).

So that's that (for now).  We've been up here almost 3 weeks and it will be another month of living like this.  But that's ok.  We're together and that's what is most important.  


Here we go again...

>> Sunday, May 22, 2016

And the morning sickness has officially begun!  I was really hoping it would hold off longer, but alas, it has not.  I had a few random bouts of nausea very early on, but it has now hit the point of almost constant nausea.  I spent the whole of yesterday in bed, except to give the girls a bath before bed.  So grateful for such an amazing husband to care for the girls.  And grateful I'm feeling a bit better today since he's on duty!

With Georgia, all-day-sickness started at 9 weeks, and tapered off between 14 and 16 weeks.  I only threw up a few times.

With Phoenix, it started at 4 weeks and was gone by 8 weeks.  I didn't throw up once during that pregnancy.

It's amazing how 3 pregnancies from the same mother can all start off so differently.  It will be fun to compare all the different aspects as we progress!

I get to meet my midwife tomorrow morning and I am so excited!  It has been a stressful situation for me, trying to decide between going with this midwife for a homebirth, going to a birth center over an hour away, or going to the hospital 3 minutes away from our home here on post.  The midwife is the most expensive option, since our insurance doesn't totally cover a homebirth.  But when I weighed all the pros and cons of each option, I felt most comfortable with a homebirth, even with the extra cost.

I'll be 6 weeks on Tuesday.  Prayers for less nausea, healthy baby, and everything to go smoothly with my new midwife would be greatly appreciated!  ♥


Best Birthday Present!

>> Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm expecting to get the best birthday present next year.

The gift may be a little late, but that's ok.

Our family is growing!

I'm due in January with our third little one, and we are so excited!!


I've been trying to catch up on blog posts, and it's getting kind of tedious.
So I've decided to just start up again, and slowly get old posts up as I go.

We have been stationed at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, and we are in the
process of getting our belongings up here!  It's been crazy (we expected
nothing less, haha) but we're together as a family, and that is what matters.
Even if we don't even have 20% of our things.  It's all good.

I want to do another "photo a day" thing, but I think I will only do 6 months,
or at least something shorter than a year.  I just absolutely love looking
back at the photos from the year I did that (even though it totally died
off when Phoenix was born).  I'd love to have photos like that from this
season of our life.

Anyways, you can expect to see blog posts more consistently now!
Bye for now :)


Week Forty-Nine {2015}

>> Saturday, December 5, 2015

(the week of November 29th-December 5th)

I felt like it was time to get a good picture of myself and the girls...

So my Mom got one for us after church, so we could send it to Ben.

She's getting so grown up!!

First time eating yogurt on her own.

Needless to say, she's not quite ready.

Love my baby boy.

Sending letters to Daddy!

Papa helped us tremendously by putting up our Christmas lights!

Two adorably proud army kids.

First time painting Phe's toenails!

Catching some rays.

Popcorn!  Major favorite around here.

I took the girls to Disney by myself one day, and we had a great time.
I have more pictures I'll post separately.

A cool day at Aunt Catfish's.
This ruffle butt was cutting teeth and not feeling well. She normally
does very well at restaurants, and that was NOT the case this day.

Georgia loves to do anything trains with Papa!

Papaw snuggles :)


Week Forty-Eight {2015}

>> Saturday, November 28, 2015

(the week of November 22nd-28th)

Fell asleep in Nana's arms at church :)

She loves little Charity.

So, I really wanted popcorn, but I didn't want to wake the girls with the popcorn popper.
So I took it into the laundry room so I could shut the door.  Sam was really unsure about it all.

I walk out of the laundry room and Georgia is standing in her doorway with the cutest face.
"You make popcorn?"

Yes... yes I did.

2 minutes later.

They were quite pleased.  And I don't mind sharing :)

Ben's family built a fence for us in our backyard to make caring
for Gus much easier.  Georgia loves to play with the girls.

Ollie boy.  Always trying to snuggle when I'm knitting.

Weirdo Runt Runt.

Sam is the best cat for kids.  He loves them and is super patient with them.

I love when the weather is nice and I can knit outside.

Watching Grandma's famous potato rolls baking the morning of Thanksgiving.

I held Ben's 3rd cousin for a while, and Phoenix was not sure about that.

She would lay on me, and Avery, and then just look at us.  It was so funny.

Sweet girl.

Her face!!  Cracks me up!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with the Browers, and we spent the next
day celebrating with my family.

The girls were totally worn out from a full day of fun :)


So silly.

More potato rolls for Case Thanksgiving :D

We always go to the gaslight parade to watch all the antique cars.

Playing with Aunt Bethy :)

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