One Year Ago...

>> Friday, February 27, 2015

One year ago (yesterday) we announced our pregnancy with Phoenix!

So, we went back to the park where we took our announcement photo, and took a current shot!

I got a few other shots while we were there as well...

She was counting :)
Her counting is the cutest.  She knows how to count to 13, but when she's
just being silly, she'll count 2, 5, 10! or 2, 3, 7!

UGH.  I just love them so much.  I have such good-looking people.


Week Eight {2015}

>> Thursday, February 26, 2015

The girls and I went to Disney with my parents last Wednesday, and it
turned out to be a really, really cold afternoon and evening!!  I knew it was
going to be cold, but I didn't know it would be that cold.  I'm pretty sure
I was the only one in the park with flip flops on, haha.

Georgia really loves riding Dumbo and doing anything with Papa.

Phoenix was watching the flying elephants very intently.  Sweet girl.

She also loves the carousel.


Another cold day, I just couldn't take all her cuteness in this vest!!

Working on sleeve number one (now finished).  Finally getting to the finish line.
I am so excited to have it finished soon!!!


We got a new vehicle!!!  We're so, so excited and happy with it.
Very thankful to have a vehicle we can rely on to take our
family where we need to go!

Georgia really likes it, too :D


Week Seven {2015}

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I would say we had a somewhat normal week.  Although, the girls and I
have been stuck at home, due to the fact we are having vehicle problems.
Prayers for finding a new vehicle (or at least a solution to our issue)
would be much appreciated!!

Apparently snack time bled into nap time on Monday.

I decided to see if Georgia would copy me as I drew a flower, and I
was really pleasantly surprised with how well she did!  I know this is
such a "mom thing" to say, but I'm so proud of my little artist! :)

I guess my flower was lacking something.

Our sweet little Valentines :D

And some instagram...

I absolutely love seeing Ben with either of our girls.  Melts my heart.

Phoenix tried cloth diapers for the first time!

My Mom came over and helped me do a few things on Friday, and then
let Ben and I go out for a Valentine's date!

I'm finally making more progress on my sweater.  It got put on the back
burner for a while, but It's getting close to finishing now!  I was doing
some knitting on Valentine's while wearing my big, fluffy, warm robe :D


Phoenix Dahlia is 4 months old...

>> Monday, February 16, 2015

I was just telling Ben last night that my mind keeps wanting Phoenix to be 6 weeks old.
I'm not sure why, it's just the age that's stuck in my head.
So imagine my shock when I remind myself she's really 4 months old today!!!

My sweet, sweet girl.

A gust of wind caught her off-guard!

It's out of focus, but I love this one.

She's not a fan of tummy time yet.


She makes some hilarious faces and adorable noises.  Such a talker.


Georgia's Bitty Birchbark

>> Sunday, February 15, 2015

You know the sweater I started for myself last month?
Well, I took a break from it to test a pattern for the children's version of that pattern!
I couldn't resist the opportunity to test knit this and make matching sweaters
for Georgia and I.  I think maybe I'll make matching ones for us three girls someday :D

For now, though, I had fun with the colors and I think it turned out so cute!
The smallest size was for a 21" chest, and Georgia measured in at 20"
so, since my gauge was spot on, the sweater is a bit big.  But, still wearable,
and she'll definitely get to wear it next winter!!

I used Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton in Aloe and Flamingo.
I know it's a little bold, but I really love it :D
It took me forever to decide how I wanted to do the color blocking.
I'm so indecisive and I didn't want to hate the outcome.  Thankfully,
I love the way it turned out, and Georgia loves it too!

This is the adult version of the pattern, and I will come back
and share the link to this pattern once it becomes available!

Now for some pictures of my insanely adorable child.  She kills
me with all her cuteness.

Blowing a kiss to Daddy ♥

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