After Hermine

>> Saturday, September 3, 2016

We got some of Hermine's leftovers up here in NC, and after that, the weather has been quite nice!
We took the girls to the park today and played for a little while.

This one cracks me up!

She's not the bravest child, but she's getting better, and having Daddy there always helps.

Cutie pie.

Failed attempts at a picture with Daddy...

I feel like half of the pictures of me at Phe's age looked a lot like this.


Our Own Little Bouquet

>> Sunday, August 21, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting...

Our third girl!!!

Last Thursday was my most recent midwife appointment.  It was supposed to be two weeks prior,
but I rescheduled it so the girls and I could go down to FL to spend some time with my Dad* and family.

At my appointment, we asked if we could see about getting the soonest opening for an ultrasound,
since Ben would be busy with training this next week, and we've got some other travels coming up.
And it just so happened that there was an opening the next day!!

The ultrasound went very well and everything looks great with Lily.  She had her fingers or thumb in
her mouth for most of the ultrasound!  And she was very modest.  We had THE most difficult time
trying to figure out if she was a boy or girl.  Our tech even asked another tech to come try and find
out.  Finally at the very end she gave us a clear shot, and it was obvious to us all that we've got
another sweet girl joining our family!

They gave me a disc of images from the ultrasound, but when we got home and I popped it in the
computer, there was nothing on it!  And at that point they were already closed.  So I'm hoping to get
ahold of them tomorrow to see if we can still get the images (and I'll add them to this post if I get them).

I am very excited thinking about 3 little matching girls.  And using my favorite outfits that Georgia
and Phoenix wore!  It will be quite fun having a third girl in the house.  We can't wait to meet sweet
Lily Evangeline!

Oh, and for anyone wondering - at my midwife appointment, I was measuring right on track, which
gave us hope that the fibroid had absorbed.  And as it turns out, we couldn't find it at all during the
ultrasound!  It wasn't really a concern before (because the position it was in wasn't bad), but now it's
simply nonexistent!

*I don't think I've posted about it on the blog here - for those that don't know, my Dad has pancreatic cancer.  We felt the need to go see him while he was well enough for us to visit with him.



>> Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back in June, when we took a trip down to FL, Ben hit a deer and traffic barrier with our Outlander.  Surprisingly, the vehicle really didn't look that bad.  When he told me about it, I was fully expecting shattered glass or a massive crunch in our hood.  And, while our hood was crunched, it wasn't nearly as damaged as I expected.  Or so I thought...

Ben called to make a claim and see what could be done with our insurance.  About 2 weeks later, we were able to get it into a shop up here in NC to have them assess the damage.  To our surprise, they told Ben they couldn't let him drive it because the bumper was too loose, so we ended up with a rental while they completed the assessment after the weekend (it was a Friday afternoon when he took it in).

The next week, Ben got an email from our insurance saying that they would likely total the vehicle.  Like... what?  We drove this thing around for 2 weeks... totaled?  Ha!

Cutting to the chase - they did end up totaling it, extending our rental, and we were quickly searching for a new vehicle!!!

Ben got a couple pictures before leaving it for good!
Doesn't look like a totaled car, does it?

Thankfully, we had already been looking at getting a different vehicle because the Outlander won't seat 3 carseats.  This was helpful because we had already decided on our criteria and what was most important to us.  A little less decision making to do all at once.

After just under a week of a ton of internet searching and car dealership hopping, we found a great vehicle that we think will serve our family well!  Just in time to return the rental, too.

We're all loving it, and so thankful we finally found a good vehicle!
It was a crazy week that Ben and I are thrilled is over.
And Georgia was thrilled when we finally actually bought a vehicle
instead of just looking at a million of them!


Phoenix | 21 Months

>> Monday, July 18, 2016

On Saturday, Phoenix and I spent a little time outside while Ben took Georgia with him to the store.

I'm working on using my camera more again, so I took this opportunity to get some shots of Phe.
And I later realized that she was 21 months on this day!

Rediscovering all of their shoes has been fun.  She is in love with
these boots (Georgia was at her age, too).

We've got this great lot of pine trees next to our house.  The girls have
enjoyed gathering pine cones & sticks, and chasing squirrels in there. 
And it's beautiful to see the sun rise and set through the pines.

Our sweet flower.
I cannot believe she will be TWO in just 3 months.


Our Stuff + Big Girl Beds

>> Thursday, July 14, 2016

The movers arrived with all our things today!!!
I can't tell you how happy we are to have all our belongings with us again.
We thought we had lost one box, but we ended up finding it a couple hours
after the movers had left.  So not one thing went missing or got broken!

I posted twice on instagram about it...

"I swear I could hear the hallelujah chorus as this truck pulled up. Our things are HERE!"

"Georgia and I are both quite excited to have our piano again.
I never thought I'd be so excited to have boxes everywhere!
And Phoenix is currently taking her first nap in the toddler bed! We'll see how this goes..."


Georgia was this same age when we switched her to the toddler bed, and we
figured that it would be a good time for Phoenix as well!

She was pretty excited about it!

We decided to try naptime first, instead of bedtime.

She fussed for all of 10 seconds when we left the room, and it took her longer to fall asleep
than it normally does.  But she stayed in bed, and took a 2 hour nap!

We were very happy with how well she did!  I really feel like she was ready for this.

Georgia got a big girl bed, too!

With Phoenix taking the toddler bed, we set up our old full size bed for Georgia!
She is very excited about her princess bed (and that mattress is crazy comfortable).

Phe is having a harder time falling asleep tonight, but she's staying in bed and keeping
quiet.  Georgia, on the other hand, is sound asleep in her big princess bed.

We can't believe how much they're growing up!


Baby #3 - 13 Weeks Update and Some Photos

>> Monday, July 11, 2016

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks along (almost 2nd trimester!) so I figured it was time for an update.

At 10 weeks (the morning of my first appointment) I got a call from my midwife's office telling me
they needed to reschedule to a couple weeks away.  Why?  Because my midwife was suddenly
moving to Arizona!!!  *insert wide eyes here*
At first I was pretty upset.  I was already having a hard time adjusting to a new midwife and leaving
my old one behind in Florida, and now I was going to be meeting another new midwife.
After being emotional about it for a bit, I looked up the new midwife (that is taking over the local
practice) and read her bio.  I felt a lot more comfortable once I had done that.
Another thing that calmed my nerves was having the chance to see my old midwife in Florida the
following week!  Ben had some leave time to take, and we were going down to see our family and
friends, and be there for the movers to load all our things up!  It was a huge blessing to be able
to see Karen, along with hearing and seeing the baby for the first time ♥

I had been wondering for a while if I was carrying twins.  I know it's common to get bigger quicker
with each pregnancy, and being my third, I expected it.  But not this much.  It didn't just feel like a
bigger pooch or 'showing sooner' like it did a little with Phoenix.  I really felt like my uterus was
larger this time.  It felt heavier.  I was feeling more pregnant than I know is possible.
Karen was feeling my uterus while I was laying down and she says "You feel like you're more around
16 weeks... are you sure you're only 11?"  Ben and I both laughed, because we had been talking about
the possibility of twins with how I had been feeling.

Feeling a little unsure, we went to the next room to check it out with a sonogram.
As we searched, we only found one baby.  But!  We also found a fibroid!  Which explains why I'm
measuring further along, feeling heavier (fibroids are heavy), and a few other symptoms I had been
having.  Ben heaved a huge sigh of relief, and I as well.  As fun as twins would be, it would've
been pretty difficult at this time in our lives.

We love Karen!!
And our little nugget :D
You can go here to my instagram to watch a short clip of the baby playing with his/her hands ♥


On Friday I had my first official appointment where I met my new midwife, Olivia.  It was a really
good appointment, and I feel very comfortable with her.  I look forward to getting to know her more
over the next 6 months!
During the appointment, she decided to go ahead and order an ultrasound to check out the fibroid.
Wanting to get a picture of where it is, make sure it didn't pose any threats.
I had that ultrasound this morning, and from what I was told, everything looks good!
Baby was measuring 13w4d (5 days ahead), and the fibroid is not on the cervix or placenta.
If there is any other important info, my midwife will know and tell me :)


My plan is to take an 'official' bump picture every 4 weeks.
I feel like I'm huge in this picture, but I'm posting it anyways, because it's the size I was at
10 weeks (even though that's still how big I am...).  I'll get another shot next week!


Yes, we're still here...

>> Sunday, July 10, 2016

We're "settled" in our new house, and now awaiting our things (scheduled to arrive later this week)!

It has certainly been an adventure.  The day we get our things will mark 10 weeks since the day
Tricia helped me and the girls get up here to join Ben!  Lots of eating on the floor, many mornings
waking up on the floor (yay, holey air mattresses), dealing with morning sickness and very few
comforts of home, seriously missing our washer and dryer... like I said, it has been an adventure.
An adventure which I am very grateful to be experiencing with my amazing husband and two
sweet girls (and this little nugget inside me).

I'll do a pregnancy update Monday or Tuesday, but for now, here are a few pictures I got of the girls
a couple weeks ago.  I haven't used my camera very much at all since Ben left for basic.  Using my
phone was so much easier when I was a temporary-single-mom, and it became a habit! I'm going to
try and come up with a plan to help me get back in the swing of reaching for my camera instead of
my phone :)

Phoenix loves to wear these shoes of Georgia's.  They may be 3-4 sizes too
big, but they stay on (even on the wrong feet ;)

They're so silly together sometimes.

My heart!!!

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