We're Getting New Neighbors

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our home is on the end of a multiplex of 4 units.  We really wound up with a great spot.  We're right next to a lot of pine trees, our porch is bigger than the other 3, and we get more windows than if we were one of the 2 middle units.

Anyway, that's beside the point of this post.

Our only neighbors have always been interesting.  They have 3 rough vehicles that they park everywhere, including very near our driveway (sometimes making it a pain to back out) and in front of our yard.  They also always have a ton of trash, and they keep the can where we get to smell it every time we're in our driveway.  Of course, I know none of this is terribly awful and we could have worse neighbors.  They're simply annoyances.

So when I noticed the moving truck (blocking us in our driveway) Friday morning, I got kind of excited!  I'd love to have neighbors whom I want to be friends with, and might possibly have little girls for the girls to play with!  And I certainly wouldn't miss our current neighbors.

Well, fast forward to that afternoon when I wanted to take the girls to the store.

I tried to unlock the car, but it wasn't working.  I figured the key battery must've died.  So I unlocked the driver door and tried unlocking the rest of the car.  Nope.  Tried turning it on.  Nothing.  It was dead!  Of course the car would die when Ben is out of town.

After all my thoughts about our neighbors and being excited they were leaving, it turns out I needed them.  Those rough vehicles they have?  The husband was always working on them.  I knew he'd be able to jump our car.

I rang their doorbell and asked for their help, and they were happy to help me.  In the midst of the craziness of packing and moving, they were happy to help me.

Turns out, they're actually quite nice.  I had never given them a chance, really.  We said the courteous "Hi" whenever we crossed paths, but I never considered becoming friends.  A humbling moment for me, for sure.  Made me want to make sure I give our new neighbors more of a chance.  Even if they don't have children my girls' ages.  Even if they do annoying neighbor-y things.  They could be awesome neighbors, and even friends, if I give them a chance.

So here's to our new neighbors (whenever they arrive) and not leaving lights on in the car anymore!


Phoenix is 2!

>> Sunday, October 16, 2016

You guys.  This kid.  She is just something else.
Sweet and stubborn.  Silly and serious.  Simply full of personality.
Currently obsessed with dresses (9 times out of 10, she will get upset if you have her wear something other than a dress).  Looooves Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Anna, Belle (all the princesses, really).  Adores babies and baby dolls.  Is quite independent.  And I think she's going to be an awesome big sister.

We love her to death, and are so blessed to be celebrating two years of Phe Phe!

We went to Target yesterday to buy her a birthday dress, and I had a pretty good idea which one she would choose (both because we go to Target too often, and because I know her "style").  A purple, tutu style Minnie Mouse dress.  And we even found these adorable boots for 70% off!

She really wasn't digging picture time at first.

"Oh mom, do we really have to do this?"

We got her jumping, and Georgia got her giggling (of course), and all was good.

Georgia was going to tickle her :)

Oh sweet girl.

Love these sweet sisters!  Can't wait to see them with Lily!!!


And then playing commenced and picture time was over ;)

I love the way she'll inquisitively listen to Georgia.


Red Dress at Sunset

>> Sunday, October 9, 2016

Today marks one month since my dad passed away.
The month has flown by, to be honest.  September was hard, no denying it.  But I can't believe we're already here, one month later.  And this month is shaping up to be much better.  We're getting ready to receive our first two guests in the next few weeks, and I am so excited!  I'll be trying to convince them not to leave, haha.  It'll be fun to show them around our new home.

I took these pictures of the girls a little over a month ago.  The light was too yummy to pass up, the temp was nice, and Ben was grilling us some dinner.


I got Ben to grab a shot of me as well (wearing one of my favorite sweaters I found on clearance this pregnancy).  This was at 21 weeks.

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